Thursday, April 6, 2017

Year of Yes

This week I read Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. Right now in the book Shonda is facing problems with being a good enough mother. " And them to come home and find that my one year old walked and I missed it." Shonda said. Shonda is a vey busy some with her career, she doesn't feel like she is good enough to be a mom to her kids since she is never around. I think that she thinks the worst of her situation whereas she could think about how she is doing this with very little help.

Year of Yes

This week I read Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. Shonda is a single mother, and TV show writer for three popular shows on ABC. Shonda is dealing with the business of her schedule. So when she hired a nanny named Jenny, Jenny stated "You know Shonda I am your nanny also." After this Shonda felt a moment of relief because she knew she was not alone. Since Shonda seems to be busy why doesn't her mom help out. Or if Shonda stopped for a second she wouldn't feel so overwhelmed.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Giver

 Jasmine Hastings
  Period 2
The Giver

The Giver shows us how sameness ruins and destroys live of people, but protects people from the conflicts around us the differences that make you who you are. The Giver book and movie both illustrate this key lesson that we discover. However the movie and the book both have different aspects that make them better or worse. For instance I like the movie over the book for three reasons. 1. It answered my questions that the book didn’t answer. 2.They showed us different scenes that were not in the book which made it more interesting and brought together the whole idea of their society. 3. Lastly I got to really get closer to the characters and see them and their characteristics in play.
The book to me was pretty confusing on some parts so when I watched the movie it answered my questions or made a clearer answer for me. Like in the ending of the book Jonas goes down a hill and sees a house with lights and music. I didn’t know if Jonas was about to die, or if he made it, or maybe he was back where he began. However in the movie it ended that Jonas broke the boundary line, and released the memories and we are kind of confident that Jonas had made it. So the movie gave me a clear idea not a positive idea that he made it, but an ending that I really could make up or believe it happened that way.
I think that movie changed some parts and made it better and contributed to it more  than in the book. For instance the part in the movie where Jonas tells Asher and Fiona to get a tray and go ride down to the bottom showed me two different things that contributed better. First I thought that it showed a conflict between Asher and Jonas, because Asher said no and that he had to get going. It was like he didn’t want to act immature, and was now just starting to grow up. Also Asher acted like Jonas was in the wrong and that he shouldn’t behave that way. Second it showed a growing bond between Jonas and Fiona growing closer together that the book did not really bring out. Jonas can’t talk about his training so in this scene Jonas is still letting Fiona know he can still have fun.
I like that in the movie I am able to see the characters and their personalities rather than just reading about it. Like the scene where Jonas is watching his dad release the baby, because I knew he was upset. However in the movie he was very angry and hurt at what he saw, so when he went back to his unit he kind of let off a hint to his parents that he was mad. It's one thing to read about it, but to see it made me really watch Jonas’ emotions let go at that scene. Whereas in the book we read that Jonas got mad and made a plan to escape, but in the book Jonas went home and had to deal with his anger towards his parents. This part really showed his emotions he had developed.
Lastly both the movie and the book equally contribute to each other and nicely balance each other out. The book gives us good key details that makes our brains really think. Whereas the movie gives us answers, but incorporated new scenes that the book didn’t have and made the story line even better. My three reason that I like the movie better, but still respect the book are. It answered my questions that book didn’t answer, they came up with new scenes that tied it together well, and lastly I got closer to the characters themself.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

                                                                                                       Jasminer R. Hastings
Period 2

A Step Back Into Time

I woke up extra early that morning even though it was the weekend. About 10am we drove to one of our family friends house we have known for a long time. When we pulled up I got out of the car and felt a cold breeze from the rain storm, the days before. I shut the car door and mentally checked over everything I brought in case I forgot something. I walked up the brick porch stairs staring out the mini frog statue as I knock on the door. Standing there waiting for someone to open the door, I check my phone to make sure I was there at the right time.
“Hi Jasmine,welcome” said Larry standing there, Larry is a tall man with brown hair and brown eyes. He sounded very enthusiastic and ready for the interview so he invited me in. Right when we walked in we sat down on his red leather couch with a white fuzzy blanket draped over. I scanned his living room looking at the TV that was so properly thought out when it was put in, with his brown wooden cabinets surrounding it. Or his dining room next room over that you could see had a ton of time spent to decorate and put everything in place. From there we started our interview.
“What big events were happening when you were in 7th grade?” Was the first thing I asked.
“Well I was born June 11,1948 so around 1960 I was in 7th grade and not to many things were happening.” he replied but then he said “ Mainly people were focusing on the American Dream of being successful people.” This was an important time because a lot had happened till the point of starting over, and building up, so this was very valuable in people's lives. He never had to worry about much he would come home from school and play till dark after he finished his homework, and got his chores done on the farm he lived on. He never worried about getting kidnapped or was scared of what was out there, instead he had a simple and happy life growing up. He said “ Everyone was really peaceful at the time not what we see today.”
I asked the second question “What was school like in 7th grade?” Thinking to myself that his answer was going to be that school was like today, but was I wrong. He answered back saying
“We had 1 teacher not 6 like you guys have today, and for the most part I enjoyed school.”I found this surprising because 1. I am used to having 6 teachers everyday and 2. sometimes school is not the best. He never had teachers that were mean or that he didn’t like. Everyday he would walk home which was ¼ a mile away with his friends, and after he got home he would go and play with his friends in their back yards which were all connected,and had no fences but was all open.
“What was your family lifestyle like growing up?” I asked curiously.
“ I was the oldest out of three boys Larry, Rodney, and Wesley Rau. Our parents names were Norman and Noma Rau. We grew up in Turlock, California.” Which I learned was in the valley about one hour away from Sacramento, California, and he lived on a dairy farm. Like I said earlier his life was simple but filled with adventures. He always played with his friends baseball outside.
“Did your families ever go on trips?” I asked
“ Yes, we would always go camping growing up, and my parents made sure to spend time together.” He said reminiscing about his trips he would go on. His parents always taught him to set a good example for his younger siblings so that they could look up to him. He had two jobs growing up delivering newspapers and mowing people's lawns. He always made sure to save money and have money saved up. He also enjoyed water skiing and playing marbles with his family. Playing marbles is where you have a circle, and have marbles also in the middle of the circle. You would shoot a marble into the circle and wherever the marble landed would have different amount of points. You add up the points and whoever has the most amount of points got to keep the marbles.
I learned a lot from this interview, I went there thinking that life was pretty similar to how it is now. It is not, it may have been easier back then, however it had it’s problems to because nothing is perfect. It was really interesting to learn about another person's past life and how it is different now. Sometimes we don’t know the background but when we take time to learn and understand it can make an impact on us. For us to really listen and learn new things about someone. I learned about the time era and how unlike it is today. People were so laid back then, and how our world is so stressful now.

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Did you know that by sleeping you increased energy and productivity, improved heart and immune system health, a better mood, even a longer life. Sleeping is very beneficial for us we need it to survive. A report said that women get less sleep that men do overall. They said you should cut caffeine after 2 pm. get lots of exercise but not 4 hours before you go to sleep. Its actually proven that if the room is 75 degrees you will sleep better.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Earth's Oceans

           Earth is covered with about 70% of ocean surface. Its weird that have less land than ocean. And even weirder we have only discovered 5% of the oceans on earth. Who would've thought with all the technology we have that is all we have discovered. Who knows what is still out there. And 94% of the earths animals live in the ocean if we only have discovered 5% then there maybe more animals out there. Source-


      The sun is a large star that covers about 99.86% of the mass in the solar system. But what else makes this large star soc incredible. Maybe its how big the sun is about one million of earths could fit inside the sun. Or how the sun is soooo close to being a perfect sphere shape nothing so cool could be that perfect. Every planet in the solar system is traveling the sun travels approximately 220km per second.  But how does the sun get this much energy well the sun consumes the energy from the inside of the core. The sun is designed way beyond our comprehension. Source-